I began 2 contracts with Alltel in September. When beginning my contracts, I bought 3 Razor phones (black, red, and silver).

Within the first three days the black Razor continually shut off. I took it to the store and the replaced it immediately. Since then I have had no such luck. The black and silver razors began having problems again.

Both phones would shut off independently and then the black razor wouldn't turn on. Alltel sent me two replacement phones(refurbished). The black razor was falling apart and alltel sent me another phone which continually shut off. The silver phone wouldn't pick up calls/if it did you couldn't hear the other person on the line.

I called Alltel and customer service stated to take the phones into the store and he would note my account for two new phones. I went to two Alltel stores. Both stores told me customer service did not dictate what they did and they would not replace the phones. I explained (at the second store) if I couldn't have phones that worked I was going to cancel my service.

Which was two contracts and 5 phones. The rep stated to go ahead and pay $600.00 to cancel the lines. Now I am stuck with two phones that do not work and still have to pay the monthly bill.

I am very disappointed with Alltel and wished I had never switched from Verizon.

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