Every month alltel would let me know when my service would be turned off if no payment was received within a specified time. When I let my brother and son get phones under me, I thought they would do the same, nope instead they let it go on for several months without payment from them, causing my phone (which was paid )to be turned off due to non payment from those two.

Alltel allowed them to go unpaid for several months making the bill over 1500.00.

Instead of paying it, my bother and son were able to get a new contract.

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So Alltel allows you to get up to 5 lines. If you let your brother, son, or neighbor get a line under your name, that's your problem.

If they do not pay the bill , that is also your problem! It Is your credit!

Alltel sends you a bill, you are responsible for it and you should be going after the people you trusted by allowing them to have an account under your credit lady! Alltel provides you with service, if you don't pay for it they turn the service off just like any other company would do.

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Thats why these magically things called bills exsist. Multiple phones under one account show on this bill and you can read for youself instead of being spoonfed by a major corporation. If you didn't know they weren't paying their bill its not Altell's fault its your dumb fault.

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