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I have already contacted the Better Business Burea, Federal Communication Commission, and soon the FBI. Like so many other people, Alltel, is trying to extort money from me as well.

They added new charges onto my phone, refuse to tell what they are, then refused to cut my service when I told them too, and they now are threatening to ruin my credit and sick the wanna-be-IRS Agents, Bill collecter's on me unless I pay up for services I never asked for or agreed to.

(They have no power)

So the only answer for everyone is to contact the FBI, Attorney General, and even the media, and ask for a criminal investigation into the crooked workings of Alltel. Extortion is a crime!

So they should be prosecuted for the crime of extortion.

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Currently, the FBI's top investigative priorities are:

1-Protect the United States from terrorist attacks (see counter-terrorism);

2-Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage (see counterintelligence);

3-Protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes (see cyberwarfare);

4-Combat public corruption at all levels;

5-Protect civil rights. So ......

Yeah .....

Contact the FBI to report extortion from Alltel, I'm sure that will be moved to one of their top 5 priorities as soon as they hear your case buddy!!


I'm litigating two class action lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs that were forced to pay Alltel's $200 Early Disconnect Penalties or Early Termination Fee. The case filed in Arkansas state court was certified as a class action in January 2001 by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Please let me know if you have paid the $200 penalty or are being pursued by Verizon for Alltel's unlawful penalty.

Arcanum, Ohio, United States #6807

Yes... from what I can see, the charges were a mistake.

Also, from what I can see... you let your credit go to ***!

You have most likely screwed over creditors, for whatever reason, and are now upset that one of your current creditors is giving you grief over this! Pay your bills on time, don't be a ***, and this would have not been an issue!

Valley, Nebraska, United States #4803

I can understand. In moving to new area with a differant area code we requested different #'s and were told THEY needed to change our market.

A month after we recieved our bill only to find we were charged 2 $200 deposits. We are now being told they can only take one of these charges off. And we will be stuck with a $200 bill and the $400 early cancelation fee.

(not to mention the monthly bill has double.) EXTORTION IT IS!!!!!!!! We have now filed a complaint with BBB and are looking into furthur action.

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