Ada, Ohio

I spend 160 a month for full coverage 10gb data cap mobile hotspot. Unlimited call an txt.

The gps is ***, navigation takes a yr. I go downtown n my phone goes retarded. No data coverage. Ill drive down the interstate it says im on the next road over every single time.

Its irritating, an extremely inconvenient. For the amount of money I spend on this service I should get a fckn refund. Im not dealing with it ill cancel my service tell em to shove tht cancellation fee an go to verizon an probly get the same hassle with different problems GREAT! Lets keep payin good money for faulty equipment.

Thanks china. Dont get alltell phones good for a month then goes to ***. If you get a phone get the phone dont bs wit small time companies like this.

Thanks venting felt good. Itll feel even better when i can talk on my phone n still run netflix on my 360 all from my phone.

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