Pagosa Springs, Colorado
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WHy cant i get texts but can send them!!!!!!?????? its supper bumb like alltel needs to get there stff right!!!

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Same with me. We had a business plan and several family members all with Alltel and all because of International Texting the same price as local texting.

On our unlimited plan until March, we texted our family. Now we start getting billed. How can they do this?

A contract is a contract. How can they do this?


I was with Alltel (best company ever) for over 7 years and had unlimited texting worldwide. Then Verizon bought them out.

I extended my Alltel contract April 2010 for two years and had free texting until March 2011. Now Verizon is charging me $.25 for sending, $.20 receiving international texts. How can they change my contract without my permission. Free unlimited texting means FREE TEXTS.

Got a credit the first month, but not now. And $650.00 to cancel my 3 phone lines, early termination. What a joke. If only Alltel was still around.

Now my lawyer is looking into this.


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