Dorset, Ohio
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My fiancee has been on the phone all week long, back & fourth! We paid our bill at drug mart & Alltel is saying they've never recieved the pmt. We have made several trips to drug mart to figure out what the heck is going on?! (as if gas prices aren't high right now). We have our receipt saying that we paid our bill!! He has talked to several people a day! Someone tell me what we can do please! ?

We have a contract to abide by, but I wanna drop alltel NOW!!!! I would NEVER refer them to anybody. All I know is we have went far and beyond what we should have done.

People are RUDE & treat us very very very poorly!!!!!


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Ch'onan, Ch'ungch'ong-Namdo, Republic Of Korea #25864

get them on the phone and fax the reciept to them, then they will credit your bill

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